b current Performing Arts splashed onto the scene in 1991, when ahdri zhina mandiela founded the company in Toronto. Since inception, b current has developed scores of internationally celebrated artists and their works, with a focus always on engaging the community and creating space for diverse voices to be heard.


b current Performing Arts is the hotbed for culturally-rooted theatre development in Toronto. Originally founded as a place for Black artists to create, nurture, and present their new works, our company has grown to support artists from all diasporas. Over three decades, we have created space for intersectional voices to be heard, always with a focus on engaging the communities from which our stories emerge. As a result, these communities trust our company and respect the work that we do. Whether our audiences identify with our work through ethnic experience, social values, or political awareness, these groups are loyal to our programming because they recognise the high level of cultural authenticity and integrity we foster in our artists and their works.


We develop new and old works by intersectional artists with specific emphasis radical content and form.


We produce daring theatre creations and since inception we’ve mounted over a dozen main stage plays, and 100+ other public performances.






Sadie Berlin, Artistic Director


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A self-proclaimed “great writer” at the age of three, long before she learned to write, Sadie Berlin thought her scribblings were novels. She obtained an undergraduate and graduate degree in literature with a law degree in between. Berlin has worked in publishing in London UK; as a legal anthropologist and ethnographer; an offshore finance journalist; and a theatre artist. From 2019 to 2021, Berlin worked at the Stratford Festival Lab as a curator, dramaturge, and as director and producer of pandemic-era, digital projects. A writer and director, Berlin is best known for her work as a cultural dramaturge and as the new artistic director of b current Performing Arts. Her mission includes fostering truly innovative work. Her research interests include the unearthing of Black performance history. From the beginning of the 19th century, there have been performing troupes in Canada, yet, the oldest Black plays we have on hand are from the last fifty years. Reclaiming Black performance history in Canada is Sadie Berlin’s new passion. 

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Karim Morgan, Former Chair, Board of Directors 


Hawa Mire, Interim Chair, Board of Directors 


Kamini Korteweg, Interim Vice-Chair, Board of Directors 

Jonathan Nehmetallah, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Aine McGlynn, Secretary, Board of Directors 

Adey Farah, Board of Directors member

Marie-Jolie Rwigema, Board of Directors member