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playGROUND #2



These are the details needed to apply for the development project called playGROUND. 

These are the participants you may submit for this project:


Week 1




2 to 3 designers

A stage manager

A dramaturge

An assistant director/gopher

The b current AD will mentor the project



Week 2

Same as week 1 but with up to 6 performers


Week 1 will be based on your proposal and planning. It will dedicated to the concretizarion of your concept, beginning with directorial and design ideas. Articulation of concept. The assistant director should be mobile as they will be tasked with purchasing samples, wood, crafts, whatever the creative team needs to begin building on the concept. 


Week 2 will be much of the same except you will be able to test a few things with performers who will be on site and available. 




You will need to submit

  1. The director and designers will submit a proposal with a maximum 500 words. We want to give you the opportunity to include visual, audio or other types of references in the proposal. Like, “the mood I’m looking for is like that scene/bit in [insert scene from film, music video, tv show, play, installation]”. Please list five non-theatre artists who inspire you in visual arts, music and film. The selection committee will take up to 20 minutes to review this section of the application. A/V materials should be accessible via link. 

  2. Plan for how you will spend your week (there will be wiggle room as week 1 evolves but please do be as precise as possible with what you know you want to achieve). One page.

  3. CVs for all participants (the entire creative team must be in place and named by application time). Two pages per cv maximum.

  4. Links to your work that shows you have a developed sense of aesthetics. If you haven’t had the chance to work this way before, please explain why you would like to work conceptually. (250 words)

  5. Artistic statement: we would like to know your philosophy about art and theatre and how you will apply your vision to this project. Maximum 350 words.

What you get:

  • The creative team and performers will be paid professional fees.

  • You will have access to the b current rehearsal space for two weeks (Monday to Friday).

  • Each designer will be given a small budget for swatches, model building, software.







Movement and projections technically makes a show multidisciplinary but most traditional plays include movement and media. “Multidisciplinary” doesn’t automatically make a show innovative. Dig deeper. 


A conventional/traditional approach is not the right fit for this project.


You will be given a lot of freedom to experiment which means rigour must be your constant companion through this process. The assessment of your precision begins with your submission package. 


Intersectionality: make sure you come in with the knowledge required to hold space for the content of your piece and the bodies who will embody the piece. If you do not have the cultural competency to address the work and those who will interact with it, we encourage you to do the work necessary and apply next year. 


Note: We are not able to allocate funds for travel to and from Toronto.


ACCESSIBILITY: Please let us know of any accessibility needs. If you would like to discuss those needs before submitting, please contact Sadie Berlin at



DEADLINE: Monday 6 December at noon. Send submission in one pdf to No other attachment will be accepted. Support materials should be sent in the form of links within the pdf. Title of email must read: playGROUND #2.  Late submissions will not be accepted. 

The competition is closed. Winners will be announced in the new year. 

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