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Thank you for your support!

b current Performing Arts is a registered charity that has been nurturing Black and Brown artists for over 30 years. Finally emerging from the public health challenges of the last 2 and a half years months which have pummeled the performing art industries, b current is more committed than ever to continue its good work. We are, however, dependent on the support of individuals, corporations and granting bodies. 


During the pandemic, we worked to find ways to keep you entertained while supporting our community of artists with digital works. This pivot was challenging, but we were able to produce the short film Body So Fluorescent which is now on a film festival circuit across the continent. We were able to support playwrights and dramaturges through our Playwrights’ Incubation project which allowed artists to earn a living while working safely from home. And we have an amazing 2023 season ready to launch!


As we see great economic shifts in the wake of Covid, we ask you to support us so we can continue and grow and elevate all our lives with the art offerings of the wonderfully diverse artists b current has the honour of working with. 

We were only able to survive and continue our work thanks to your generosity. Thank you. 

Gold and White Simple & Circular Yoga Ev
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