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Our Policies

A statement on Allyship and Consent

b current works to nurture and facilitate anti-oppressive spaces of collective care and community. Our collective is one that is situated firmly on compassion and holds no room for those abusing power and inflicting harm upon others. 


We stand with survivors of sexual assault and remain entirely committed to fulfilling our role as allies and as change-makers and facilitators of consent culture in theatre. We will uphold policies, practices, and logics that prioritize consent, treat all who come forward with respect, dignity, and compassion, protect people’s right to safety in their workplace, and respect the bodily autonomy of all folx. We would also like to acknowledge that our organization is in the process of rebuilding community relationships. We have taken, and will continue to take concrete steps to do the utmost to ensure our spaces are a place where all can gather in a safe and welcoming environment. We remain steadfast in fostering spaces of bravery, truth, and consent with our audiences, partners, and creators.


For additional details, please view our Bill of Rights and our Anti –Discrimination & Anti- Harassment Policy.


In solidarity,

b current inc.

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