Photographed above (clockwise): Makambe K Simamba, Andrea Scott and Catherine Hernandez.

Front cover: 2019/2020 season

Season Photography by Marko Kovacevic
Season Makeup Artistry by Charm Torres

Message from the artistic director

Say what you will about selfies. But for me, I am in awe of how social media has allowed those who typically sit at the fringes of race, gender, religion, identity and ability to be centered in their own expression. The accessibility of smartphones and our immediate connection to our online networks has helped social justice movements organize and communicate across continents in ways we could never have imagined. 

I believe selfies are more than an act of vanity. In a decolonized context, they are an act of rebellion. They document what colonization never wanted: for us to survive and thrive. They tell the world we are here, we are unstoppable, and so are our stories. 

This year, we bring forth tales of Black and Brown diasporic resilience front and centre. We occupy these front covers with our faces, with cover lines as shameless as our personas and a masthead of this nation’s most exciting artists. It is going to be an exciting season worthy of a double-page-spread. 

Get ready to turn pages.

Catherine Hernandez, Artistic Director, b current performing arts