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OAC Recommender grant


Deadline: 9 November 2021, 1 pm.


b current’s mission is “Black and Brown radical experimentation  in content and form.” Please keep this in mind when considering applying. Innovation is our priority. We are looking for true trailblazers who seek to push boundaries in the performing arts. We seek to nurture art that lives in the margins. 

Please familiarise yourself with our website so you get a feel for what we like. 



Materials should also include: 




Script sample. If your project is not scripted, please include a detailed description, links to  photos/videos. The selection committee will take up to ten minutes reviewing materials. 

Please state your artistic vision and mission statement (max 250 words combined)


List all participants. The more detail about participants' intersections the better. We are committed to intersectionality across all equity-seeking groups. 



Do you identify as IBPOC?

We are always interested in new talent as long as you conform with the OAC's professional artist requirement. 


How does your project innovate and add to the performing arts scene? What is different about your project? 


Here is a link to basic information about the OAC Recommender grant:


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