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Davenport West
The walk explores the many layers of Davenport's history, inviting us to imagine how the landscape and people living here have shifted over time, and the important traces each change has left on the area. By knowing more of Davenport's past, what future could we imagine? And how do we build community on continually shifting ground, pushing back against displacement? Be guided by Pigeon and Snail as they tackle these big questions while strolling along Davenport's hilly paths.

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Listen to Layers of Davenport HERE

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Layers of Davenport was created by

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Arts4All has a 20+ year history of artistic creation in Davenport West, working to transform communities through collaboration. In our project many hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds come together across multiple years, bringing local narratives to life. Together, we realize artworks and performances that celebrate people and their stories, while shining a light on the wider issues and questions in our social fabric.


We nurture the process of getting to know and understand one another, in unexpected, inviting ways. We aim to embody the ethos that Everyone is welcome,  highlight our neighbourhood’s presence in Toronto’s larger cultural landscape and ensure an artistic voice for the incredible, beautiful and often overlooked people who landive here.


Arie Verheul van de Ven -- Audio Editor & Co-Designer
Tijana Spasić -- Script Co-writer, editor & researcher,voice of Beyla (squirrel), Artistic Director
Camila Diaz-Varela -- Coordinator, Node 3 creator, composer Pigeon & Snail intro audio
Malika Daya -- Node 2 text creator, script co-editor, voice of Pigeon
Monica Olvera -- Graphic Designer, voice of Quirelle the Squirrel
Liza Konovalov -- voice of Whitney Chewston (squirrel guide)
Pesch Nepoose -- voice of Snail
Karis Jones-Pard -- Interviewee Node 2
Arts4All Players Community -- Dream voices in Node 7

Elements of the audio walk used text from Arts4All’s children’s play The Pigeon & The Snail
(Originally commissioned as part Theatre Direct’s Stand in the Place You Live Festival), which
was co-written by the team with Ximena Huizi as Director and Co-writer.

In partnership with

b current Performing Arts

With support from:

Shakespeare in Action 

North York Arts

TD Ready Commitment

Canada Council for the Arts

Partnerships and collaborations:
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