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The Switch Collective

The Switch Collective is Indigenous, Black, Mixed, and People of Colour artists and community organizers who are deeply committed to weaving together our artistic practice and our activism, and collaborating with other performers who are aligned with these goals.

Switch is a collective of interdisciplinary Queer, Trans, and Two Spirit artists and community organizers working with a range of mediums, including soundscaping, song, drumming, dance, theatre, poetry, shadow puppetry, live installation, audience engagement, and portable projections.

The Switch Collective pushes boundaries by blending mediums & technologies, bringing them into unexpected public spaces.


A shadow puppet leads into a back alley for a dance party.

A procession leads into a parking lot for a grieving ritual.

​Any building can be a projection screen.

​Any sidewalk can be a stage

The Switches 
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Photo by Kara Manso

danjelani ellis                       Jody Chan                          Kiley May

Leon Tsai                             Brescia Nember-Reid 

Listen to Switching Queens HERE

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