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A word from Natasha:


// Welcome to my home, Weston, a blessing! //

Follow Destiny and friends as they head home after school, discovering more knowledge about their historical neighbourhood and recent changes that are hard to miss. We start off at Weston Collegiate Institute, pass by rows of quiet residential streets, cross above train tracks towards Weston Road, and circle around to Lawrence Ave W. as our final stop.


***Please ensure your safety when crossing any roads, train tracks, or parking lots during your walk by checking for vehicles, trains, bikes and/or other pedestrians. 

created by 

Natasha Adiyana Morris



Tracey Kayy




Sound design: Stephon Smith

Assistant to Sound designer: Juliet Jones-Rodney

In partnership with

Shakespeare in Action (thank you David!)

Manifesto (thank you Tinesha!)

With support from:

Canada Council for the Arts, Digital Now

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