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Faduma Mohamed

Moccasin Trail Park,
Don Valley
What Holds Us Together is a collection of spoken word poetry by writer and performer, Faduma Mohamed. The thirty minute listening experience takes place in Moccasin Trail Park, in the Don Valley Parkway area. "Being still with nature is important to me. Every time I need to ground myself I run to nature. From time to time, I would escape to the East Don River Trail for the walk over bridges, the gentle sound of the river and the essence of the valley"
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Listen to What Holds Us Together HERE

What Holds Us Together was created by

Faduma Mohamed

Faduma Mohamed is a spoken word poet, playwright, educator, emerging actor and autism advocate. In 2016, she produced her one-woman-play OUGHTISM in d'bi young's Watah Theatre. In 2019, she wrote the sequel Golden Mind which won University of Toronto Mississauga's Historical Studies: Creativity Award. 

Her autism awareness and fundraising initiative called “#OughtTheBox” has raised $13,000 and benefited autistic people in Toronto, Edmonton, Atlanta, and London, England. She is currently working as an educator and artist, based in Toronto, Ontario. 

Above all, she believes in the power of dreams

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created by 

Faduma Mohamed

Sound design: Stephon Smith

In partnership with

b current Performing Arts

With support from:

Shakespeare in Action 

North York Arts

Arts 4 All

TD Ready Commitment

Canada Council for the Arts

Partnerships and collaborations:
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